Halliday on the LSE and Gaddafi

At least one prominent figure involved in the London School of Economics’ discomfort over that institution’s connections with Libya has claimed that critics are operating with the luxury of hindsight. In 2009, Fred Halliday wrote a memorandum to the Council of the London School of Economics, warning it not to accept a grant from the Qaddafi Foundation:

The most important issue of all is that of reputational risk to LSE. I have myself defended acceptance by the School of grants from some authoritarian countries (e.g. Arab Gulf states): but there should be clear limits on this, depending on the degree of political and human rights abuses perpetrated with them and on their ongoing foreign policy conduct. Here I would draw attention not just to the prevailing consensus in Whitehall and the City, which are now happy, for their own legitimate reasons, to do business with Libya, but to broader reputational concerns in regard to British and American public opinion

[Thanks to Naomi McAuliffe for the link.]

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