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The Guardian: Big idea

James Harkin: A fortnight after it charged forth from behind the fetid turrets of the blogosphere into real life, arguments about the Euston Manifesto still ricochet around the worldwide web. Named after the London road where the plotters met in a pub (O’Neill’s), the manifesto is a political movement born out of frustration among sections […]

The Times: Euston, you don’t have lift-off

…You might think, therefore, that I would greet with enthusiasm the publication earlier this month of something called the Euston Manifesto. The what? In the weeks after the general election, a group of liberal commentators, led by the politics professor and blogger Norman Geras and the impressive columnist Nick Cohen began meeting in a pub […]

“Internationalist manifesto causes a stir”

This is a link to the full text at BBC News online: A pub on the Euston Road in London was the venue for a document that has caused quite a stir in political circles in Britain and the United States. The document, called the Euston Manifesto, was drawn up in a series of meetings […]

The Weekly Standard: A Few good liberals

Liberalism stands strong in the United Kingdom. “WHO TODAY IS CALLED a liberal for strength and confidence in defense of liberty?” Harvey Mansfield asked this question almost 30 years ago in the preface to his Spirit of Liberalism, and the answer was almost self-evident. This was during the Carter administration, and things haven’t gotten better […]

The American Spectator: Going back to Euston

I am European. I am liberal. I am a supporter of the U.S.-led intervention in Iraq. Sometimes it feels like a meeting attended by every person who shares those traits could be held in a closet. “But that feeling, it has transpired, is wrong. Late last month, a group of left-of-center academics, journalists, and bloggers […]

The Sunday Times: At last our lefties see the light

“Misguided support for dictators destroyed the left’s credibility. Christopher Hitchens welcomes a volte-face“ “One can stare at a simple sign or banner or placard for a long time before its true meaning discloses itself. The late John Sparrow, warden of All Souls College, Oxford, was once struck motionless by a notice at the foot of […]

The Guardian: We live in changed times. The Euston group, alas, does not

A manifesto of the ‘pro-war left’ is a cry of pain and an argument about ownership of a corpse You will have to read the Euston Manifesto in full for yourself. Likewise the churning arguments that are developing about it on and other weblogs. But there are two big things you need to know […]

New Statesman: The Euston Manifesto: an introduction

On a Saturday last May, right after the general election, 20 or so similarly minded people met in a pub in London. We had no specific agenda, merely a desire to talk about where things were politically. Those present were all of the left: some bloggers or running other websites, their readers, a few with […]

The Observer: Why the Euston group offers a new direction for the left

A disparate set of left-wing thinkers meeting in a London pub has reopened an essential debate on the nature of democracy To be on the left is to be both temperamentally inclined to dissent and to be passionate about your own utopia, which can never be achieved. Condemned to disappointment, you rage at the world, […]