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‘What Next for the “Decent” Left?’

Martin Bright writes about supporters of the Euston Manifesto in his Spectator blog: Earlier this month I was asked to address an audience about what future there might be for the “decent left”. For those unfamiliar for the term this is the tendency on the left generally associated with backing the Iraq War (though some […]

Pictures of a Protester

On the 20th anniversary of the massacre by Chinese government troops of protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China on 5th June 1989, The New York Times shows four photographs of the famous lone “tank man” and asks each of the respective photographers for their recollections of the event. After the article appeared, a fifth photographer contacted the […]

“Workin’ It” interviews authors of history of Iraqi trade unions

Workin’ It is a weekly radio show focusing on working life in America, hosted by comedienne and author Jackie Guerra. Tomorrow, 06Jan07, the show will feature Abdullah Muhsin and Alan Johnson, authors of a new book on the history of Iraqi unions and the 2005 assassination of one of its leaders. There’s more info at […]

International Herald Tribune: A Manifesto From the Left Too Sensible to Ignore

“Among hyperventilating left-liberals, hatred of Bush is so intense that rational argument usually goes out the window. The result is a mindless cacophony.” The full text of this article is only available to subscribers at the New York Times site where it first appeared, but there’s more detail at Jeff Weintraub’s blog

Slate: How to give away a million dollars

“If I had a million dollars, which I don’t, I would give it to a little cluster of political and intellectual projects in Britain whose purpose is to renovate the liberal left with new ideas,” writes Paul Berman in Slate Magazine link to full text of article

The Guardian: Shameful Evasions

Whether it is genocide or civil war in Darfur, we cannot stand by and let the slaughter continue, write Brian Brivati and Philip Spencer. Raul Hilberg, the Holocaust historian, explained that for genocide to take place there has to be a triangle: perpetrators, victims and bystanders. In Darfur all the elements are present. We have […]

The New Republic Online: American Liberalism And The Euston Manifesto

This past March, a group of intellectuals, scholars, and journalists in London posted a statement on the Internet calling for a “new political alignment” among those ranging from the democratic left to “egalitarian liberals.” A month ago a group of us wrote “American Liberalism and the Euston Manifesto” and were able to post it on […]

Boston Globe: A Manifesto For Those Who Reject The Extremes

TODAY’S POLITICAL scene is not a friendly place for people who don’t see the world in stark black-and-white categories—people who, for instance, strongly condemn human rights abuses toward detained terror suspects in United States custody, but just as strongly reject the mentality that views the United States as the chief perpetrator of human rights abuses […]

Monsters and The Left Thinks Again

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (UPI) — Earlier this year, a group of ‘small-l’ liberals, left-wingers and progressives came together in Britain to produce a document called the Euston Manifesto. It was a statement of principles in support of democracy, freedom of speech and ideas, and firm opposition to terrorism, all forms of totalitarianism and all soft-headed […]

Excelsior: Regenerar a la izquierda: Manifiesto de Euston

[Spanish language article from Mexican national daily newspaper] El fin se ha empezado a oír la voz de gente de la izquierda política -es decir que está en favor de la igualdad, la democracia, y el respeto a los derechos humanos- intentando combatir la enfermedad que aqueja a grandes sectores internacionales de quienes se definen […]