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Slate: How to give away a million dollars

“If I had a million dollars, which I don’t, I would give it to a little cluster of political and intellectual projects in Britain whose purpose is to renovate the liberal left with new ideas,” writes Paul Berman in Slate Magazine

link to full text of article

Listen to Paul Berman’s talk

If you were not able to attend the Euston Manifesto Group’s meeting with author Paul Berman, you can now download and listen to his talk thanks to our friends at Little Atoms.

Paul Berman Thanks

Thank you to Paul Berman for an excellent talk and to all those who helped with the frantic last-minute organisation of the dinner meeting last Sunday. It was another thumping success, selling out overnight. Apologies to those living outside London who wanted to attend. We hope to organise other meetings outside the capital in the future. The meeting was recorded in various media and we will make the results available on the Euston Manifesto Website or link to them from here.

THIS SUNDAY: Paul Berman Meeting

The Euston Manifesto Group is hosting a special London (UK) meeting featuring Paul Berman, author of Terror And Liberalism and Power And The Idealists, this Sunday (11Jun06) 7:30pm (18:30hrs UTC) at The Devereux in The Strand. Tickets are limited and can be obtained from tickets@eustonmanifesto.org.