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more Tunisia coverage: Hartley, Hitchens, BBC, Channel 4

Eustonite blogger Mick Hartley takes issue with at least one aspect of the article by Michael Koplow that I linked to previously, as well as linking to Christopher Hitchens’ 2007 and 2011 commentaries on the political situation in Tunisia. Both the BBC and Channel 4 ask “the domino question”.

“Tunisia: That ‘Wikileaks Revolution’ meme”

Dan Murphy questions a fashionable view of what triggered what is already being referred to as the Jasmine Revolution: The theory goes that private US diplomatic cables from the Tunis embassy released via Wikileaks on December 7 revealed to Tunisians that Ben Ali was an authoritarian despot, that his family was supremely corrupt, and that […]

“Why Tunisia’s Revolution Is Islamist-Free”

In Foreign Policy, Michael Koplow offers his background view of the dark irony behind the sudden fall of Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali—a history of ruthless suppression of Islamist opponents—and a warning for those dreaming of a domino effect: Unlike in Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, and most other secular Arab autocracies, the main challenge to […]

New email blockade by Iranian authorities

In the aftermath of the most recent wave of protests in Iran, The inventive tactics of Iran’s opposition continue to deny the Tehran regime the uncontested power it seeks. The result is that the post-election political contest over the future of Iran is reaching a pivotal stage, says Nazenin Ansari. there have been reports that […]

Iran Anniversary Demo

This Thursday, 9th July 2009, is the tenth anniversary of the student protests in Iran in 1999—at the time the most serious in the country since the country’s 1979 revolution. On that day, there will be an anniversary demo in London, starting at 18:00, solely to show solidarity with the Iranian people. Participants are invited […]

Children Of Peace

Children Of Peace is a new charity that is already helping Israeli and Palestinian children to build friendship and trust through shared arts, education, health and sports programmes. You can read more about the organisation at their Website and make a donation via the Children Of Peace Donor Line: 0870 300 1064.

Global Day For Darfur

Thank you to those who organised, spoke at, and attended the Euston Manifesto meeting about Darfur. Despite all the terrible news, there is something you can do. On September 17 people around the world will take part in the Global Day for Darfur to show world-wide support for the Darfuri people and to put pressure […]

Solidarity with Iraq

United against terror and sectarianism A wide range of Iraqi organisations has united and need your support in a week of Solidarity with the Iraqi People against terrorism, political sectarianism, administrative and financial corruption, and to support the disbanding of civilian militias, national reconciliation and the unity of Iraqi people in order to build a […]

Mobile Phone Appeal To Support Iraqi Trade Unions

The TUC has launched an appeal for unions and their members to pass on their used mobile phones to the Iraqi trade union movement. You can help too, by passing on your old phones and/or chargers. Unions representing workers in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan face incredible challenges in defending working people and rebuilding democracy. One […]