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Time and Service

Time is not free, yet too often, the way service is organised suggests that it is.

Charles Cochrane replies to the PM on Public Sector Reform

There is no serious difference between the current Labour public sector reform agenda and that of the Conservatives argues Charles Cochrane, Head of the Protect Public Services Unit of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).

Bill Cooke replies to Tony Blair

Responding to the Prime Minister, Bill Cooke argues that we need to engage the progressive people engaged in delivery to work out how public sector reform can be successful.

Peter Ryley replies to Tony Blair

The Progressive Case Against Change

Tony Blair blogs badly

Tony Blair can’t see the difference between changing and improving public services on the one hand and opening up opportunities for people to take profits out of them on the other, argues Unison NEC member, Jon Rogers.

The progressive case for public service reform

In the summer, a number of Labour ministers posted articles setting out the progressive case for the next stage of public service reform. With the first meeting of the cabinet’s policy review taking place on Monday—on public services—this article outlines the Prime Minister’s thinking on this crucial issue.

Britain 2025

The successful countries of the future will be egalitarian in their ethos and structure, pluralistic in their systems of power, and globally linked at the level of the individual and the community as well as the nation. Modern social democrats must shape the ’empowered societies’ of 2025, argues David Miliband.

Tax and Social Justice

A progressive tax policy is needed to underpin social justice, localism and environmentalism, argues the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable.

A Victim-Centred Foreign Policy

Darfur shows the need for a victim-centred foreign policy and the reform of international law, argues Brian Brivati of the Euston Manifesto Group.

Shalom Lappin Responds yet again to Tristan Stubbs

Social Democracy and Neo-Liberalism I am grateful to Tristan Stubbs for his interesting comments. He raises a number of important issues that bear further discussion.