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Shalom Lappin Responds yet again to Tristan Stubbs

Social Democracy and Neo-Liberalism I am grateful to Tristan Stubbs for his interesting comments. He raises a number of important issues that bear further discussion.

Shalom Lappin responds to Tristan Stubbs

Stubbs claims that I have mistakenly identified Third Way politics with the neo-liberalism of the Thatcher era. Instead, he suggests, it aims to achieve prosperity by promoting entrepreneurial energy and freeing business from regulation in order to generate investment. This view is, from what I can see, indistinguishable from a vintage neo-liberal approach… Setting aside […]

Shalom Lappin replies to David Grant and Celso de Barros

Thanks to David Grant and Celso Rocha for their interesting comments. Here are some quick replies to the points that they raise. 1. David Grant suggests that I take free trade and the globalized markets that it is generating to be inevitable processes. This is not the case. They are the result of economic policy […]

Towards the Renewal of Social Democracy

Global trade unions and social trade agreements are the foundations of a 21st century global social democracy.

Platform Fifteen

Shalom Lappin answers the same article on the questions of globalization and equality.

Platform Six

Shalom Lappin deals with serious misunderstandings of the nature of the document.