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The Guardian: Shameful Evasions

Whether it is genocide or civil war in Darfur, we cannot stand by and let the slaughter continue, write Brian Brivati and Philip Spencer. Raul Hilberg, the Holocaust historian, explained that for genocide to take place there has to be a triangle: perpetrators, victims and bystanders. In Darfur all the elements are present. We have […]

A Victim-Centred Foreign Policy

Darfur shows the need for a victim-centred foreign policy and the reform of international law, argues Brian Brivati of the Euston Manifesto Group.

Kingston Symposium: New Labour in Power: Ten Years On

te>. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the publication of the book and the election of the Labour government, many of the original contributors are gathering with other academics and commentators to revisit their first thoughts on the Labour government. The symposium will be in Town House 102, Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon […]

Platform Three

Brian Brivati addresses Martin Kettle’s centre-Left critique by clarifying the intention of the manifesto.