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Andy Pearmain responds to Adrian McMenamin

New Labour is the last gasp not the renewal of Labourism. It has achieved nothing more than some technical fixes—the kind of thing any modern state (including one led by post-Thatcher Tories) would have done. Those who wish to transform society need a new vehicle, argues Andy Pearmain.

Kingston Symposium: New Labour in Power: Ten Years On

te>. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the publication of the book and the election of the Labour government, many of the original contributors are gathering with other academics and commentators to revisit their first thoughts on the Labour government.

The symposium will be in Town House 102, Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames on 11th September 2006 from 10-6pm

Speakers will include: Vernon Bogdanor (Oxford University), Andrew Blake (UEL), Sarah Childs (Bristol University), Nick Ellison (Durham University), David Walker (The Guardian), Rokhsana Fiaz (Change Institute), Simon Woolley (Operation Black Vote), Eric Shaw (Stirling University), Matt Beech (York University), Anna Showstack-Sassoon (Birkbeck College), Brian Brivati (Kingston University/Euston Manifesto Group), Alan Johnson (Edge Hill College/Social Democratic Futures), Rupa Huq (Kingston University) and Tim Bale (Sussex University)

Panels will cover Security and Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, Representation, Governance: local, regional and constitutional policy and Party-Government relations.

Audience places are limited. Conference costs £15 (£10 concessions) for a booking form and to reserve a place please email: Dr Rupa Huq.

New Labour, the politics of poverty and the spirit of optimism

We lost four elections and then won three. A return to ‘classic Labour’ is not the road to renewal. The eradication of child poverty, re-starting social mobility, and redistributing power in the public realm and our public services are the great causes of the second decade, argues Jim Murphy MP, Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform

Labour Must Die!

New Labour has failed. We need a new political formation which will survive the demise of the Labour Party, argues Andy Pearmain.