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Site update

Updates are still ongoing as of 05Jan16, but all the main pages should now be working.

Fresh Start

Euston was cracked in the small hours today (14Feb09) by a script kiddie in Saudi Arabia. This is understandable (or perhaps “mbunderstandable”): the boy was probably inspired by that country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Vice cracking down on Valentine’s Day, a festival created by “immoral Westerners” specifically to oppress him. I’d been […]


The signing form at the Euston site was built in a rush to meet our original publication deadline and fit the Joomla system that runs this site so it had a number of holes that have been exploited by spammers for some months, resulting in the repeated corruption of the list with links to porn […]


This is the Website of a new democratic progressive alliance. You can read the Euston Manifesto here. Please link to: