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Nick Cohen Meeting 6:15pm, 22Mar07

Democratiya, The Euston Manifesto, Engage, and Mishcon de Reya are delighted to invite you to a conversation with Nick Cohen. In What’s Left? How Liberals Lost their Way Cohen tells the story of how parts of the Liberal-Left of the 20th Century ended up supporting the far Right of the 21st in the shape of […]

Introduction to Social Democratic Futures

As part of the conversation we have started, we have created a new category of post on the Website: “Social Democratic Futures” will be vehicle for new Left thinking. The first two, very different, “carriages” of this train of thought are conducted by Shalom Lappin, a co-author of the manifesto and by James Purnell, Minister of State […]

Democratiya Fundraising Breakfast

Supporters of the Euston Manifesto are invited to a fundraising breakfast in support of, the free quarterly online political review. Making brief remarks will be Alan Johnson, Editor, Democratiya, John Lloyd, Contributing Editor at the Financial Times, and Anthony Julius, Consultant, Mishcon de Reya. To RSVP, please email Hina Joshi at If you […]

Platform Five

Alan Johnson addresses recent commentary on the manifesto in the serious press.