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New UK Cabinet member and peer Glenys Kinnock speaks on the Responsibility To Protect

Most—almost all—of the media’s coverage of the ennoblement of Glenys Kinnock to permit her to become Europe Minister in the UK government has focused on the court politics. Glenys Kinnock was a Labour MEP and is the wife of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, himself a former European Commissioner. Thanks to longstanding general public skepticism […]

More than the sum

Today, for the first time, the powerful Guardian Council of the Constitution, responsible for supervising the conduct of the recent disputed presidential election in Iran, acknowledged irregularities in more than 50 constituencies. The actual “irregularity” in these 50 cities is that over 100% of those eligible to vote are recorded as having done so. It […]

Pictures of a Protester

On the 20th anniversary of the massacre by Chinese government troops of protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China on 5th June 1989, The New York Times shows four photographs of the famous lone “tank man” and asks each of the respective photographers for their recollections of the event. After the article appeared, a fifth photographer contacted the […]

"Beyond Iraq: A New U.S. Strategy for the Middle East"

Richard N. Haass and Martin Indyk have an essay in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs in which they recommend policies to the new US President’s administration. Here are some of its suggestions: The improved situation in Iraq will allow the new administration to shift its focus to Iran, where the clock is ticking on a […]

Fresh Start

Euston was cracked in the small hours today (14Feb09) by a script kiddie in Saudi Arabia. This is understandable (or perhaps “mbunderstandable”): the boy was probably inspired by that country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Vice cracking down on Valentine’s Day, a festival created by “immoral Westerners” specifically to oppress him. I’d been […]


The signing form at the Euston site was built in a rush to meet our original publication deadline and fit the Joomla system that runs this site so it had a number of holes that have been exploited by spammers for some months, resulting in the repeated corruption of the list with links to porn […]

Arabic translation of Euston Manifesto now available

We are pleased to publish an Arabic translation of the Euston Manifesto. The translation was co-ordinated by Ammar Abdulhamid, director of The Tharwa Foundation, and affiliated to the Brookings Institution in Washington. We are particularly keen to hear responses from our Arabic readers.

Democratic Socialist: Bernard Hughes

In Independent Labour Publications’ Democratic Socialist, Bernard Hughes, a reluctant supporter, writes about the Euston Manifesto and the general phenomenon of online political blogging in Britain. He also coins the term “Eustonard”. Two questions about the Euston phenomenon arise from its life so far: first, is this a genuinely new form of political organisation that […]

Left Forum: NYC, 9–11 March 2007

Left Forum 2007 will take place March 9-11 at the Cooper Union in New York City. Each spring, Left Forum convenes the largest gathering in North America of the US and international Left. Last year’s conference brought together 1500 participants, speakers, booksellers, and social movement organizations from across the globe for a dynamic three-day event. […]

Children Of Peace

Children Of Peace is a new charity that is already helping Israeli and Palestinian children to build friendship and trust through shared arts, education, health and sports programmes. You can read more about the organisation at their Website and make a donation via the Children Of Peace Donor Line: 0870 300 1064.