Euston Manifesto Signatories: G

Javier F. Sebastián

Eduardo D. Faingold

David Fairbanks – The extremist right-wing has taken over the US and much of Europe as the “Old Left” gave in to carass materialism. Now, things are so rotten folks are realizing everything is at stake. Karl Rove is the evil of our times. He can-not be defeated by grumbling or simple marching. We must have ideas and convictions worth fighting for. Now, we do! This manifesto offers a sensible foundation for the “New Left for the 21st Century”

Alastair Falk

Gregory Falkovich

DeDe Faller – As a life-long leftist, (since the late 60s), I am alienated from the mainstream, but never as much as now. The Left died with the end of the Cold War. If not, there would have been a unified response to the genocide in Bosnia spawned from fascism in Belgrade. When talk of war in Iraq began in the fall of 2002, people came out of the woodwork to express their rage against the US and Bush. Without looking at any facts, it seems everyone around me had the answers and need look no further. Realizing I had very few answers, my response was to read a few books and thousands of newspaper articles on Iraq each year to understand the situation . The current (heavily bankrolled) “anti war movement” is the phoniest thing I’ve ever seen, marked by ignorance, smug moral superiority and a sickening lack of solidarity with the Iraqi people. I feel like I’m living in Orwell’s “1984.” Suddenly it’s fashionable for mainstream society and partisan-led media to use radical rhetoric, now that it has no content. George Bush is made the repository of all things bad (saving us from having to think). Those who don’t join in the anti-Bush hysteria and ridicule are attacked by the thought police not above slashing tires and hurling bricks through windows. When well meaning persons look toward hypocrites like Al Gore and simple-miinded buffoons like Michael Moore for solutions, we are in trouble. I wish to associate with people who have a mutual respect for information rather than popular soundbites, who recognize and resist fascism and who are willing to face the serious issues of the day.

Mike Fancie – The Euston Manifesto is exactly what is required in the global community today in order to reassert the position of the left wing, and bring together a front of progressive politics that I hope will make the world a better place. As the United States commonly employs a “with us or against us” strategy, the left and the right have become polarized and uneven. The Euston Manifesto, if heeded, will be the bridge across the gorge that separates the left and the right from each other, and progressive democratic government.

Vittorio Faraoni

Martin Farr – The Euston Manifesto offers the prospect of sanctuary for those who still regard themselves as being of the left, but who have been isolated from, and often disparaged by, their increasingly dogmatic former confreres in Britain since 1997.

Jon Fasman

Pedro Fatjó

Megan Fauls

Paul Fauvet – I come from the eurocommunist tradition, the anti-stalinist wing of the communist movement that identified with Dubcek’s “socialism with a human face”. I have become increasingly tired of the shrill voices on the ultra-left denouncing everyone who disagrees with them as puppets of imperialism. And as someone with decades of experience in the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggles, I am shocked at ridiculous claims that islamist groups have something to do with national liberation. The final straw prompting me to sign the manifesto was the childish on it in the grotesque SWP blog “Lenin’s Tomb”. Of course, I have reservations about this or that paragraph of the manifesto – but since I have no problems with at least 80 per cent of it, here’s my signature.

Paul Fays – However imperfect such manifesto is a step in the good direction. I have some restriction with 10) A new internationalism Such humanitarian military intervention can only be decided by the international community and not by a state alone. Otherwise, ity shall lead to suspicion of not so humanitarian real purpose. The reason why, however imperfect the organisation is today, I stand that only the UN can decide such an intervention. Best not to act sometimes than the liberty of everybody to act on its own.

Rodolfo Martin Federico

Sasha Fegan

Simon Feiege – Dear Sirs: The Euston manifesto makes me feel proud again to say that that I belong to the Left. Not having the skill to express myself properly I can now cite The Manifesto as the bedrock of what belonging to the Democratic Left actuall means. There is not a single line with which I disagree.

Alexandra Fein

Esther Feldman

Andrew Ferguson

Tom Ferguson – I am centre-left. I believe in self-reliance with a safety net, not a feather bed. I think that if I had to choose a political party it would be Whig! All political movements, parties, etc. become infested with people who the originators would cross the street to avoid. Every few generations it is necessary to clear out the parasites and start again from first principles.

Miguel Fernandes

Socorro Fernandez de Tejada

Luis Jesús Fernández Santamaría

Michael Fife

Ann Fine

Anne Finn

Mauro Fiorini

Ralf Fischer

Brian Fisher

John Fisher

Peter FitzGerald – To stop me becoming a ‘windowless monad’.

Peter FitzPatrick – Much of the Left disgraced itself and all it stands for on the 11th of September when, instead of standing up for the values we share from Helsinki through Boston to Sydney, too many stood by and said “America deserved it”. The universality of the ideas of liberal democracy and human rights is the core principal on which the left has traditionally based its political platform. The Left must recapture that ground or it has become an irrelevance. This manifesto eloquently expresses the views I hold and the values I share.

Brian Flatt – Because the current establishment is wilfully ignoring the genocide in Darfur. I hope, but regretfully do not expect, that one result of the maifesto might be action to stop this ongoing atrocity.

Pierre Flaux

Samuel Fleischacker – It’s a joy to see this – the left has long needed a new statement of this kind. That progressivism can and should include a firm endorsement of the liberal freedoms of religion and speech, and that a firm endorsement of such values does not preclude a strong commitment to egalitarianism in the economic sphere, are points that seem obvious but have not been clearly made in the public sphere for a long time. And the Manifesto’s stance on international issues, especially in the Middle East, is wonderfully even-handed and judicious.

Usher Fleising – I signed because I want to be identified with the general position expressed in the manifesto. I signed because I fear for the end of the Enlightenment and I signed because my family and I lived through 9/11 in New York and the apologists must be confronted.

Aidan Fleming – The curse of democracy is the Qur’an. All supporters of the Euston Manifesto Group should read, The Sword Of The Prophet by Serge Trifovic. It should be declared that ISLAM is not a religion but a non-democratic political organisation. The sanctity of human life should be declared by the Manifesto Group. Freedon to practice religion is beneficial to society since toleration and brotherly love is the doctrine of a noble faith. Members should be encouraged to read, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by Robert Tressell and pledge to campaign for the solutions recommended by this late author, especially contained in the chapter ” The Money Trick.” The Palace of Westminster should have no House of Lords, because only elected citizens can truly be servants of the people and custodians of democratic government. Finally to stand for a position in the Palace of Westminster as a M.P., all must accept only the statutory minimum wage as declared for the nation. Expenses involved in performing MP duties should be submitted to an independent authority, which shall number no more than 12 full time members, who will scutinise and recommend the expenses necessary to perform the duties as a member of parliament.

David Fleming – I signed because I am an American progressive who believes that the left in my country has mostly abandoned its core values to try and score political points. While I am no supporter of the current administration, I realize that we must confront tyranny where we find it.

Mark Fletcher

Irvine Flett

Barbara Flores

Marc Foca, MD – I was born in August of 1963 between the assassinations of Medgar Evers and John F. Kennedy. Since that time, partisan politics has been the rule and not the exception. I am of the belief that we are at a crossroads in history, and it is time for the majority to make a stand, not only for a more co-operative government at home but, for a more inclusive world view.

Luke Foley

Patrick Foley

Jacinto Fombona – To give politics a chance; to make it clear that a Goebbelsian approach to our lives and problems is not the solution, we might as well just hook ourselves to Sim cities; and because colonial guilt should not blurr European approaches toward satrapies like Chavez’ and his cronies.

Rob Foot

Judi Forbes – I have felt lost and confused about political positions since 911. I couldn’t understand how my friends, many of them gays, Jews and women, couldn’t see that the issues and idioligies for which they were vocal supporters,were all about supression of their rights and the very values that they espoused. Thanks to all the bloggers and writers who have voiced my concerns and have taken a very constructive step in putting balance back into the international debate.


Bernhard Forchtner

Daniel Ford

Robert Ford – Embracing the diversity of anothers culture does not extend to that culture’s violation of inalienable Rights of its people or the people of the world.

Ruth Ford

Stephen Forden

Jonathan Foreman

Stephen Forge – Because although I don’t agree with ever single line of the manifesto there is so much there that I do, very strongly, agree to; it’s great to have an opportunity to lend my support to what you are trying to do.

Mark Fournier – Too many on the left have become reactionary, in the worst sense: “two legs bad, four legs good.” There is more to liberalism than blind political correctness, and multiculturalism itself requires a staunch defense of the principles of tolerance and the Enlightenment. Right and wrong are not judged by religious and cultural background; religion and culture are themselves judged by rational standards of ethics. The standards of liberal democracy that we hold so dear were not wrong. Stand up for them now.

David Fowler

Andrew Fowlie

Joey Fox

Michael Fox

Ryan Fox – I’m glad beyond words that there is now a amanifesto which represents so much of what i believe. everyday i speak to either entrenched right wing or left wing in politics and im fed up of the being told by both that what i think is wrong. this manifesto takes an objective look at the problems plauging the left and the world.

Francesco Fracchia

Hamish Francey

Pablo Antonio Franco Otero

Mimi Franke

Paul Franks – I find it wrenching to sign a petition or manifesto, since it is never as I would have written it. But I signed because of a lesson learned from twentieth century history: when the left and right extremes converge in their opposition to the Enlightment, Zionism and modernity, the only hope is a strong centre-left alliance of liberal democrats, affirming shared, positive values. The Euston Manifesto speaks for such an alliance, so it speaks for the left with which I identify, and so it speaks for me.

Guido Franzinetti – For the pleasure of associating myself with a Left which is no longer an emabarassment.

Alexander Fraser

Ken Fraser – The Euston Manifesto strikes me as a useful expression of a political agenda deriving from cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolitanism is the global political wave of the future. It involves a balancing of individual freedoms with responsibility for the collective, for the non-human world, and for posterity. Cosmopolitans, while highly valuing individual liberty, see individuals as part of a greater human world, which itself is part of an earthly living system. Because of this, we see the health of the greater social/institutional and environmental context as integral to the welfare of individuals. The dominant current conception of people as atomised individual consumers leads to the ill-health of society as a whole. This means that many individuals are set adrift. Cosmopolitans derive political principles from the desire to maximise free individual connectedness to the larger world.

Peter Fraser

Patricia Fraser Roemer

Chris Freeman

Michael Freeman – I am appalled by the ‘trahison des clercs’of the pseudo-liberals who are amazingly and increasingly blinkered and parochial in their views. The low level of journalism at the BBC, in particular, is very worrying. The Guardian and the The Independent have become a joke in bad taste. We have almost reached the point where, thanks to the self-congratulatory media mafia in this country, it is virtually imposasible to make any sense of what is happening in the world unless you read the foreign press or see foreign television. there are no easy solutions but moral cowardice and sloppy thinking do not help.

Paul Freeman

Tom Freeman – The left should well know that might does not make right. When thinking about US foreign policy, this principle is easy to remember. But in other contexts it seems to disappear. National sovereignty and cultural difference have value, because political independence is a good thing and people have the right to choose how they live their lives. But in both cases the freedom we respect must be the freedom of the individual, or else it is a licence for repression: when you privilege state sovereignty above all else, you legitimate the rule of the powerful, however unaccountable or brutal. And when you insist on the sanctity of cultures, you strengthen the hand of the patriarchs and holy men and ‘community leaders’ to speak for, and to run the lives of, those under their domain. The light of the sun renders the dimmer stars invisible; we must not ignore the sins of the lesser powers because those of the superpower dazzle us. We cannot fight injustice merely by raging at the West and cheering all those who, for whatever reason and by whatever means, feed and harness such rage.

Volker Freitag

Ana Fretes

SANDER FRIDMAN – There cannot be any endurable good on one´s neighbor’s disgrace.

David Fried – I have just read your manifesto and am enormously grateful for it. I am an American liberal democrat. As a labor lawyer, my professional life is dedicated to protecting ordinary working people from unfairness, abuse and discrimination. But I have lately refused to call myself a leftist. I am an American who loves my country, because it is a good country, and because it is mine. I am a New Yorker with friends who died in the World Trade Center. September 11 was the most terrible day of my life. Perhaps “America” deserved what happened that day, but did my neighbor Jim Strain? Did his two fatherless children? As a Jew, I am simply terrified by the sheer intensity of the hatred now directed at Israel, Zionism and ordinary Jews by the dogmatic left. As a human being, I not only do not believe that the ends can ever justify the means–I think it is wholly appropriate to judge the ends by the means. For years I opposed the union of Ireland because of the tactics of the IRA. No cause can be worth attaining whose followers embrace terrorism. Your manifesto is the first sign I have seen in several years that politically speaking, I am not alone. Thank you.

Michael Fried

David Frisch

Hilary Frisch

Marc Froese

Patricia Froese-Germain

Klaus Frohwein

Paul Frosh

Neil Frost – I’m a long time Labor Party member and supporter of progressive causes. The values outlined in the manifesto encapsulate my core beliefs. A former apologist for Totalitarian regimes of the left, my world travels have made me appreciate the value of liberty as well as equality. At the same time I don’t believe the forces of global capital should not be given a blank cheque.

Judith Frydman

Josef Fröschl

Blanca Fuentes

David Fuller – Because it’s ABOUT TIME the left/progressives climbed out of the morass of relativism. The danger in the modern media world is that the extremes on each side (left or right) who shout loudest get to frame the debate. Each of them – extreme left and extreme right – are regressive. This marks the point when the progressives fight back. Lets get in there.

Ben Furber

David Furnell

Clive Furness – The politics of the Left have recently been dominated by those who define their positions by the attitude of the United States. If the US is for it, they are against etc. In the case of Iraq this has meant that Baath/fascists and religiously inspired psychopaths are hailed as freedom fighters whist the trade unionists they murder are condemned as quislings. This is bizarre and must change.