Euston Manifesto Signatories: N

Giampiero Nadali

Mauro Nadvorny

John Nagle

Lisa Nakamura – As an American liberal, I have read no better description of why I supported the US-led invasion of Iraq. As my liberal friends urge me to support US intervention to stop the genocide in Darfur, I urge them in return to drop their hypocrisy along with their “US out of Iraq Now” signs, read this Manifesto, and think twice about why they say they are proud to call themselves “leftists”.

Efisio Nanni

Michelle Napchan

Stephen Napolitano

Juan Sebastián Narváez

Alix Nathan

Joel Natzke – As a classical liberal, I was driven from the Left by the events of 9/11 and of the intolerance of those on the Left to the US and of their support for the regimes of the Taliban and Saddam. I believe that we all must support and defend freedom and demolish tyranny. I sign this as a classical liberal/neo-con who is glad to see the democratic Left start to reassert itself, to retain its ideals of freedom, equality, democracy, and the rule of law, and the ending of tyranny and oppression. If all of us, Left and Right, can join together, we can make the future of the world brighter than at any time in human history. This is a good start.

Jordan Navarro

Guillermo Navarro Marcet

Alfonso Navas

Javier Navas Baena

Regan Neal

Charles Needham – As a life-long member of the Left (who has recently-since 9/11- been appalled at the Anti-American, anti-Semitic,pro-totalitarian prejudices of self-styled “progressives”) I welcome this Manifesto with great joy and relief.

Dan Neidle

Brent Neill

Tabaré Neira

Kevin Nelson – This kind of declaration is long over-due.

Randy Nelson

Robert Nelson

Neil Nerva

Anders Nes – Certain streams on the Left are prone to an un-nuanced anti-Americanism, to harbour a misplaced sympathy with authoritarian or autocratic movements that share their Leftist or anti-colonial ideologies. The manifesto does a good job in setting out some principles that ought to appeal to those of a broadly social democratic point of view, and distentangling these principes from the unhelpful tendencies.

Mark Nevill

Eoghan Nevin

Tyler Newcomb – I have a leftist upbringing but had to leave years ago to become a quasi libertarian. The nauseating rationalizations of the Left put forth lately ignoring Saddam Hussein’s genocidal rampage for 30 years was just too much to take. “An Unholy Alliance” (A book by David Horowitz) is an apt description of how basic sensibilties with regards to human rights have vanished amongst the left. Some of them sound as looney as Timothy McVeigh was on the right. I came here from Christopher Hitchen’s blog. I hope he signs too.

Adam Newey

Jon Newham – I suppose I’d describe myself as on the liberal, free-market wing of the Labour Party so I endorse the principles and ideas outlined in the manifesto almost without reservation. It’s just so heartening to know that there ARE people on the Left who share your views and I thought I’d sign the manifesto as a gesture of solidarity with them. I’m sick and tired of so-called leftists, who ought to know better, making excuses for tyranny and terrorism and sometimes openly lauding thugs and murderers. The manifesto is a voice of sanity and reason and I’m proud to add my name to it.

Kathryn Newman

Nicholas Newman

Rob Newman

Ryan Newman

Stephen Newman – I have been frustrated, and occasionally outraged, by the attitude of many of my university colleagues who seem to confuse the promotion of left-wing causes with knee-jerk anti-Americanism and who show an antipathy for Israel that borders on anti-Semitism. As a small ‘l’ liberal I am delighted to find a group of progressive scholars and activists willing to reaffirm the commitment to freedom and equality that lie at the core of the liberal tradition.

Russell Newquist – If the Democratic Party were smart enough to adopt this as their own version of the “Contract With America”, they might actually win back Congress in 2006.

David Nicholls – At last,after suffering in silence years of the cynicism of the media; from the ‘Today Programme’ to Rory Bremner;liberal minded friends who go purple in the face at any mention of Israel or the U.S.A… Thank goodness for John LLoyd’s 2004 book on the media, David Aaronovitch and now Nick Cohen’s new book and this ‘Manifesto’.

Rohan Nicholls

Luke Nicholson – I consider myself a Conservative, but I signed this document because I like the cause. Its time for moderates to take back the square. The Liberal-Left has been labelled looney for quite some time – and with good reason. Its time to shed that label, and put the interests of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law ahead of partisan political gain.

Miranda Nickels

James Nicola

Vlad Nicolaescu

Patti Niehoff

Judith Nikolova

David Niland – In a sensible and reasonable way you have expressed views on a number of subjects which need to be more widely acknowledged as representing lots of people like me, born in Europe, proud and happy to be a liberal democrat, and taking on the rights and responsibilities of being part of that tradition.

Jeremy Noakes

Andrew Noble

Justin Noble

Denis Nolan – I am one of those who became disillusioned with the so-called left and more confused as elements of that grouping allied themselves with Islamist, nationalist and anti-liberal forces after 9/11. I am an atheist, still respect socialist analysis of society but realise that real conditions demand new perspectives. I sense a loss of understanding by many of those of a liberal and Left perspective of the mechanisms through which obscurantist and fascist ideas can build in times of confusion fuelled by terror and anti-Humanist rhetoric. I welcome a grouping, however loose, which can accommodate someone like me who supports the Labour Party and progressive policies but cannot yield any ground to religious fundamentalism whether it is stoked by Benedict or Bin Laden.

Gavan Nolan

Jim Nolan

John Nolan – The freedoms I enjoy are the manifest rights of all.

Nick Nolan – Because local democracy is being cynically eroded at its very roots because of the contempt that central government holds for local councils and councillors. That’s why populism and right wing extremism is gaining a foothold in England.The people who served the democratic cause at a local level in the past are walking away in disgust.

Tom Nolan – The

Michael Noone

Cameron H Nordholm – I believe this represents a succinct and appropriate reiteration of liberal ideals in a very troubled time. Moral ambiguity and relativism, especially regarding torture, must be condemned universally and without exception. This, I hope, will someday bring us as a race and collection of states closer to this goal.

Martin Norman

Gilles Norroy

Linda Nowakowski

Peter Nugent – I like a lot of what you say, but am no leftist. The difficulty for the left is that it is hard to stop imposing social controls when you want to reduce inequalities of wealth. The problem is nicely explained in this (prophetic) book: Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, by Ludwig von Mises. Whether you like it or not, people do not often volunteer to equalise their wealth and income with others.

Manfredi Nulli

Mustafa Nusraty

Margarita Nuñez

Ana Nuño – The Euston Manifesto describes in detail not only an agenda for left-wing and liberal orientated politics, it also aptly analyzes current radical errors by most left-wing parties and organizations. As such, it is an extremely valuable tool for analysis and action. I belong to a group in Barcelona opposed to nationalist politics implemented in Catalonia and in Spain today. We are about to create a new political party, based upon principles similar to those expounded in the Euston Manifesto. We believe it is of the utmost importance that people across Europe who share these viewpoints come together and make an effort to promote sound and rational political agendas.