Euston Manifesto Signatories: R

Henry Radice – The manifesto closely mirrors the package of ideas I advocate and am researching in my PhD thesis on Humanitarian Internationalism.

JS Rafaeli – In so much contemporary debate I find a lot of empty posing and a depressing lack of careful thought. In this document I find the opposite. The writers of this piece have thought carefully and clearly about the issues. They have come up on the side of justice, and thought about how to create a better world in real, practical terms. They have avoided the easy answers, and I respect that. It is time to leave behind the sloganeering cant of the current “left”, as well as the dull cop-out of an endlessly theorising cultural relativism. I am signing the Euston Manifesto, because I feel it represents careful, realist, thought used to advance a politics of compassion, and the practical amelioration of the problems facing the world.

Mo Rahman

Jorge Ramos Rubio

Gary Randall – The political compass of my generation of 80s lefties is in dire need of recalibration. I see the Manifesto as the first necessary and timely step.

Peter Ross Range – Editor, Blueprint Magazine An American progressive’s heart is warmed at the sight of European progressives rallying to a movement that rejects reflexive anti-Americanism, anti-globalism, and anti-interventionism. The great success of the British initiative suggests that there is an untapped vein of rational progressivism in Europe. It has inspired a Euston movement in America called New American Liberalism. This outbreak of sanity on the left comes not a minute too soon.

Gad Ranon

Danilo Raponi

Carl Raskin

Dale Ratner

Jordan Ravka – Thank you for making it possible to once again believe the principals of equality and human rights without having to rationalize terror or glorify the self-defeating culture of victimhood. It is time that the Left, while still embracing compassion, stops practicing the soft-bigotry of low expectations. There is no utopia, but by demanding the very best from every single human being regardless of race or religion, we can give the next generation a world of which we can all be proud.

Larry Ray – This is a strong and very timely liberal-left statment of fundamental values grounded in Enlightenment rationality and humanism. These values and principles should be core to progressive thinking and politics.

O. Ralph Raymond

Lucia Raynero

Daniel Razeen

Mike Reardon

Dan Rebellato – Because the Left’s diversion down the postmodern route was a blind alley (and one wholly complicit with exploitation and oppression); because the liberal ethical tradition which the Left has latterly repudiated is a vital component of a progressive politics; because we need cosmopolitanism now more than ever; because this manifesto, although firm in its principles, is generous and inclusive; because all of these ideas are vital for the renewal of the Left and are embodied by this document.

Simon Redfern

Glynis Reed

Stephen Reeves

Andrew Regan

Padraig Reidy – The left has dithered and stumbled for far too long. A declaration of basic principle such as this is an important step to reinvigorating and enlightening progressive politics

Nicholas Reindl – To defeat islamic terrorism, and forment a rebirth of our nation here at home, we must recreate the strong Jacksonian, Trumanesque liberalism that allowed our nation to win world wars and the cold war.

Micha Reisel – This sounds like a good initiative! The rise of rightwing, xenophobic conservatism has to be fought by all reasonable people under one banner.

Charles Reiss – The Manifesto expresses views I strongly share, particularly the case for overseas intervention (the “responsibility to protect”) and its critique of attitudes to the United States. I also believe it is squarely in the best tradition of the Labour Party.

Kangda Ren – I have found the dominance of the simple-minded soundbite driven arguments (if you can call them as such) about Amreica/West/Middle East-Africa-‘Third World’ extremely frustrating. How has the ‘Left’ arrived at a position in which views that in reality align with tyrannical governments and facistic ideologies around the world are now regarded as ‘leftwing’? The daily mindless repetition of lies and sophism by well-intentioned people, of differing levels of intellect and education, is truely a sad spectacle. These are not just mind games. They KILL and prolong the sufferings of the repressed in the Third World. To have found that I am not alone in thinking this gives me a small amount comfort.

Dani Renan – The manifesto is a start. It’s about time that liberals got together and reclaimed liberalism for the entire world, and that Islamism (if not Islam itself) is, today, the chief threat to civil open societies. In it essense, it is more dangerous than Nazism and Fascism since it is trans-national and cloked in religous garb. And that the Arabs and Moslems are not any less deserving of basic human rights. Supportes and aplogists cite cultural relativism. Tradition of centuries of oppression of the individual, especially of any member of a heterodoxy (women, ethnic minorities, other beliefs) doesn’t establish that that “cultural norm” is any more valid than oppression in the West.

Daniel Renwick – I am an A level student studying politics, i have become rather disillusioned with the third way and would like to find some sort of direction. This seems to be more social democratic than the current Labour agenda and represents my political views, broadly speaking.

Ian Renwick

Kathryn Renwick

Stephen Retherford

Allan Revich – The Euston Manifesto is the best expression of true liberal democracy and human rights that I have seen. I am proud to be associated with it.

Daniel Revill – I signed because the core of the Euston Manifesto is what I believe in as a Christian. Even without expressing it, it preaches unconditional love, no matter race, religion, creed or sexual orientation. If the Left, as it is so characterized, adopts this by and large, I believe that the world could see real and viable change within it.

Nancy Reyes – sounds ok to me.

Adele Reynolds – Despite the fact that I opposed the Iraq war I am getting frustrated with the hypocrisy of the anti war left. We should oppose totalitarianism where ever it occurs and stand in solidarity with the trade union movement to rebuild Iraq.

Kyle Reynolds

César Ricaurte – Comparto totalmente los 15 puntos. Creo que es hora de un renovación del progresismo en todo el mundo y muy especialmente en América Latina. En mi país, el Ecuador, la Izquierda tradicional sigue alineada a totalitaristas y fuerzas antidemocráticas y actúa como una fuerza de bloqueo en contra del progreso del país. Es decir, son grupos antiprogresistas. El Manifiesto de Euston debe servir como una referencia para un cambio en esa política.

Leigh Richards – i was a firm opponent of the war on iraq – i was the organiser of my local STWC group in swansea – but i have been appalled by the conduct of much of the so called left as regards their unqualified support for the so called ‘resistance’ in iraq! Thousands of innocent iraqis have been murdered by this so callled resistance in the last two years, many whpse only crime appears to be that they want to rebuild their country! Worse stil these atrocities have been carried out by people who wish to see some kind of islamo-fascist regime established in place in iraq! Yet groups like the stwc – and their component parts – have acted as cheerleaders for these murderous reactionary terrorists! We see the same bizarre double standards as regards the reactionary iranian regimes attempts to aquire nuclear weapons. I thought the left were always opposed to nuclear weapons – and nuclear power – wherever they are! Yet cnd invites a representative of the iranian govt to its conference – with not a word of condemnation of its illegal nuclear programme. While the so called stop the war coalition is completely silent when the maniacal leader of iran openly advocates nuclear war on israel ( course the swp were also strangely silent when the iranian regime recently ruthlessly crushed the bus workers trade union in tehran!) but then so much of the so called left openly despises israel – this despite the fact that women have equality in isreal, trade unions and socialist parties can openly organise and gay people are not routinely hanged or stoned to death! In britain we have a so called party of the left – Respect – which has allowed openly anti-semitic homophobic bigots not only to stand under its banner, but also it appears to fund it as well! If anything illustates the degeneration of sections of the british left this is it We cannot be selective in the application of human rights and our basic egalitarian principles – every human being has the same right to justice, equality and freedom wherever they are on this planet! I urge everyone who shares these principles to sign the statement!

David Richardson

Laura Richardson

Peggy Richter – I am a moderate conservative. I care about the poor, I abhore racism, and I support freedom. I consider myself a conservative because I believe in the support of a strong family and basic decency. I’m proud to sign this manifesto and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who care about the world, and understand that nothing positive will ever come from hating or supporting those who hate.

James Rider

Charlie Ridley

Susa Riemenschneider – I do not need to agree to every detail of the manifesto but I certainly think that it’s wise and necessary to return to the basic values and to defend them: no anti-semitism! Thank for this initiative!

Peter Rieth

Jason Rimmer

César Rina Simón – My blog:

William Reed Rising – I have finally found an intelligent, well-thought document that fully reflects my views. I can only hope others are made aware of, and support, it.

Dart Risley II – This is a movement that finally expresses my beliefs. No longer will we be represented by dogmatic pseudo-progressives. This is a true liberal movement.

Mario Ristoratore – Hi there, congratulations for you Manifesto. When I was around 15 years old I was an anarchist; as I grew older and more mature I started being more realistic and have libertarian and liberal views. So in a way a consider myself as a leftist, but on most issues I agree with conservatives, republicans, right-wingers! I would like to offer you some help in translating your Manifesto in Italian language: I am Italian, I studied in the US (Ph.D. in Politics at Brandeis University, Massachusetts) and I believe I ould do a fairly good job.

Ed Rivlin

David Riz – Overheard at Normandy two days ago a conversation between the French tour guide and a Dutch tourist at a colossal WWII concrete German Bunker (defending France from Allied invasion…) Dutch Tourist: ” How do you feel about giving tours here?” French Tour Guide: ” It is important to show that not all Germans were bad. You know some of the Allies were not so good.” This manifesto is long overdue.

Martin Robb

Alexander Roberts

Alwyn Roberts

Catriona Roberts

Geoffrey Roberts – Professor of History University College Cork

Guy Roberts – I believe that too many people identifying themselves with the Left in Europe are ready to abdicate responsibility for combating tyranny wherever it exists in the world. I yearn for a more balanced Left that can present a united stand for human rights and liberal principals rather than falling back on simplistic anti-Americanism. My full website: (does not fit in available space)

Neil Roberts

Patrick Roberts

Alexander Robinson – Although I would describe my political views as moderate-conservative, I wholeheartedly agree with the views expressed in this manifesto. For several years now it has been profoundly disturbing to watch mainstream political discourse and mainstream media at best ignore blithely, and at worst openly sympathise with, acts of terrorism and openly anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments. The hypocrisy and double-standards with regard to international affairs espoused by many organisations, particularly on the Left, including Amnesty International, CND and even the once-respectable BBC have largely been viewed with complete apathy by the public at large – it is important to bring about a change in public attitudes as soon as possible if this country is to face up to the challenges posed by reactionary and fundamentalist regimes around the world, and I wish the founders of this manifesto the very best of luck!

David Robinson

Dr Brian Robinson – I opposed the Iraq invasion but am disappointed in the line increasingly taken by STWC, though I remain (with increasing skepticism) a member of it. I’m a signatory to the Statement of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, and a founder member of the UK branch of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). I was happy to participate in the recent Rally for Freedom of Expression, though sad it was necessary. Member of the National Secular Society. This Manifesto refers to many of the things that I’ve been unhappy with in relation to leftwing politics and so I’m delighted to sign it. Certainly some things need a great deal more work – for example how the two-state Israel-Palestine solution can be rescued from its near destruction, and safeguards against opportunistic exploitation of the clause concerning humanitarian intervention – but these and some other matters are for later. I hope the project takes off and I wish it luck.

Graham Robinson – I signed because the manifesto articulates a progressive secular agenda.

Larry Robinson

Tim Robinson – To disassociate myself from those troubled by stopping Serb artillery from bombing Sarajevo, and from those who wished to leave Arkans killers to go on weekend retreats in Kosovo. And to do whatever can be done to stop those who preferred the Talliban to be left alone from calling themself progressive. And to oppose the fascists who support the killers of Iraqi trade unionists

Christian Rocca

Claudia Rocchini

Danny Rock

Micha Roded

Michael Rodemer – Artist and Professor University of Michigan

Jorge M. Rodriguez

Fabián Rodríguez

Jamie Rodwell – For too long I have struggled to define the nature of my leftist politics.Torn between various ideas,the manifesto finally represents a place where I feel at home among like-minded thinkers.

David Roffey – Although the principles are a bit of a grab-bag that seems by implication to equate the two-state solution to the importance of open-source, and there is much in the detail of the “elaborations” I take issue with, I agree with each and all of the Principles – now they need some additions on the environment …

Douglas Rogers

James Rogers – I signed because I believe in a proactive British and European Union foreign and security policy, which puts the values of democracy and justice at its very heart. In a globalising world, this is both a strategic and moral imperative. Security at home is increasingly built on the promotion of modernity and democracy overseas. Organisations like The Henry Jackson Society and the Euston Group have here a vital role to play in forging the arguments to ensure that we do not shy away from our great responsibility to those held captive by oppressive tyrants.

Martin Rogers – I have become increasingly concerned about the “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” attitude of some sections of the left. This has been taken up by both the left and right media resulting in obscene situations such as the opposition to overthrowing regimes such as Saddam Hussein who, apart from being responsible for the deaths of around 2 million people was opposed to every value that the left claim to stand for. I am also appalled by those on the left who ally themselves with the right to undermine the most progressive and effective labour goverment this country has ever seen.

Paul Rogers – I oppose fundamentalism, religious or otherwise, in recognising an imperfect world. In this context I support a strong secular, progressive, democratic tradition and the right, nay, the necessity to fight to maintain it for all people, means and ends considered. Sometimes this requires selection of the ‘least worst’ option. I perceive that the Euston Manifesto supports these principles.


Yafit Rokach – Thank you to the authors for taking such an important and decisive step to revitalize the left and position its core values front and centre. As someone who has been very active on the left for the past 15 years, it was with a heavy heart that I removed myself from these circles a year ago. I was no longer able to stomach the anti-West rhetoric and blind acceptance and celebration of anything considered an enemy of the West. Along with these sentiments, the ability to clearly assess human rights, oppression of women and gay people and freedom of speech and religion went out the window, all in the name of cultural relativism and an attempt to either ignore these issues or carelessly craft them into a faulty argument against the West. Thank you for restoring my faith that there are still those on the left who remember all the rights we so tirelessly fought for over the centuries.

Thomas Roland

Hennequin Romain

Andrea Romano – Because these are now the most relevant issues for the progressives all over Europe

Emilio Rondinella

Saija Rosanna

Stephen Rose

Arieh Rosenblum – As a progressive on social and environmental issues, and more conservative on fiscal and foreign policy issues, I have watched, in dismay, as the responsible and honest left has been hijacked by moral relativists and fundamentalists whose abduction of the language of political discourse was warned against by George Orwell. This manifesto gives me hope for the redemption of the progressive voice in the world, and hope that common ground may be found with responsible conservative thinkers for the betterment of all mankind.

Sasha Roseneil – “Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Leeds” The past few years have been deeply troubling for me, as I have found myself more and more at odds with those who claim to be on the left and “anti-war”. I have watched as many of the values and beliefs that led me to feminism and peace activism in the 1980s have been flagrantly violated by the “anti-war movement”. I have found myself despairing about the lack of attention to history and the poor political and ethical judgement many have been exhibiting. I would like to see some discussion of the need to oppose all nuclear weapons, and particularly the acquisition of nuclear weapons by any more nation states.

Rita Rosenfeld – As a life-long supporter of Canada’s New Democratic Party I’ve been disappointed by the turn it has taken in the last decade and no longer wish to be associated with it. In the absence of a political party in Canada that reflects my conscience and values I feel I may not be able to vote in Canada’s next election, interrupting 50 years of personal vote-casting. I read Morton Winfeld’s column “Will the real left please stand up?” in my local Ottawa newspaper and was impressed with the outline of its 15 principles. Should this party be successful in establishing a political presence in Canada I would most certainly find myself once again with a voting alternative to the status quo.

Alexander Ross

Barry Ross – I seem to have bored friends for years with the need for a Neo Left as the old left replaced clear-sighted moral purpose with fatuous pieties. I believe Blair’s support of the invasion of Saddam’s Iraq to be the best thing he’s done – notwithstanding the current mess. I’m uncomfortable that many aspects of social change that are supported be ‘progressives’ – eg the relativism of multiculturism or the emphasis on rights over responsibilities – lead to outcomes that are either illiberal or inane. I find it rare now for discourse from the progressive liberal left to be free from sanctimony. I’m delighted at the birth of the EMG – the most cheering news since 1997.

Duncan Ross – After many years in the Labour Party I have found myself alienated by a deep seated anti-Americanism, and by an abandonment of the principal of intervention in support of those in need – just because they happen to be in a different country. Sometimes its nice to hit on a political theme that resonates…

George Ross

Alex Rossiter

Eric Roth – Our enlightenment values have come under seige, at least in California, from a bizarre alliance of misguided leftists and Islamic fascists. How can progressives be blind to the absolute demand for a fundamentalist Islamic state where they would be considered infidels, at best, and hence, criminals? How can American femminists overlook the gender apartheid, the honor killings for wearing lipstick or choosing lovers, and accept religious justifications for the most brutal oppression of women? What’s up with the Hollywood homosexuals “understanding” jihadists or European greens echo the slanders of Islamic terrorists calling themselves warriors? This petition represents a small candle of reason in a growing thunderstorm of ignorance, supersition, and false pretence that all cultures are equal. Western Civilization and our enlightenment traditions can and must be defended!

Nate Rothstein

Ivan Rott

Alastair Roy

Santanu Roy – This is why I signed. The left has now become very rightwing in their thoughts and actions. They have become fundementalists weather in the anti-war movement or in the anti-globalisation movement. They have come xenephobic anything Jewish or American. They seem more filled with hate and contempt for anyone with a differing opinion – I find that I am scared of these people such as Stop the War as they seem to have a religoius zealotry – they only know the truth ; they are the rightesous. They have their scapegoats and enemies. I am tired of their slanders and petty reactionary politics and hypocracy. It is they that ‘ dumb down ‘ the debate always bring it down to an ‘ ism’. The voice s of the progressive left are the voice of reason and openess and engaement. They are far more about love. I am noot afraid to voice my opinion and discuss and learn. They are for true pluralism. I think therfore I am. I love the world.

Jon Royce – This is a brilliant defence of what the western world has to offer. It refutes apologists, extremists and all those who exclude “reason” from their vocabulary. I am definitely from the right of the economic spectrum and find a few gratuitously leftish points but otherwise find this manifesto to be visionary in a way that should not be required. As immigration patterns show, the western world represents values to which all mankind aspires. We should not apologise; we should strive to further these values and spread them across the globe. Freedom and equality are universal, we should not deny this or we may lose them ourselves.

Alexander Rozycki

Guy Rubin

Neville Rubin

Vilma Rubio López – I support a modern left, that respect the human rights, democratic and civilian. Caracas, Venezuela.

Salvador Rubio-diaz

Pernille Rudlin

Carlo Ruggeri – I hope, for a new, liberal discussion platform.

Russell Rukin – The Euston Manifesto is just decent common sense with, thankfully, a long overdue barb for those on the left who are bedding down with opponents who oppose rights that I will always value this democracy I inhabit. My fear comes from the knowledge that the people on this manifesto are firmly in the minority in relation to the current state of angry world opinion. I also signed the manifesto as this document’s heritage goes back to the enlightenment. As a technoprogressive I recognise that the manifesto is in tune with much transhuman thought, transhumanism being the logical path of the enlightenment.

Lisa Rullsenberg

Jim Ruming

Mike Runnels

Michael Ruschena – Both Right and Left have much to recommend and support them. Both Right and Left and capable of dogma, dead ends and poor behavior. All politics requires a center to extract agreements and build for the future. This manifesto is a strong statement about such a Center.

Anthony Ruschpler

Daniel Rush – I signed because up to now I have found more liberals ready to surrender to fascist Islam and subjugate free people to the whims of fascist/Socialist theology. So many liberals in America and Europe deserve to be first in line in any new slave labor or concentration camps built by the Jihadist enemy of man. Franklen Roosevelt and his generation of liberals understood the nature of the threat mankind faces now.

Martyn Rush – I have found a natural gravitation to the left side of politics made uneasy and inaccessible by some of the unfathomable positions the left have taken, particularly in international politics. This is a welcome step and should become the cornerstone for new generation of liberal politicians.

Mark Rusling – It is so important for those of us on the Left to make a stand for internationalism and democracy at a time when these terms have been hijacked and abused by the neo-conservative Right. We must never forget that these are progressive values and we must be willing to defend them against those on the Left and Right whose arguments contradict our own. The Euston Manifesto does just that and I am proud to have signed it.

Andrew Russell

Peter Russell

Jeanne Rutenburg

Jeannie Rutenburg

Dennis Ryan

Wayne Ryerson – We must stop the fascist neo cons from taking over the world somehow, so I am willing to try anything that might have a chance of success.

George Rylance

Robert Ryland

Peter Ryley