Euston Manifesto Signatories: W

John Vail

Joe Vaitilingam

Zdenek Vajdak

Chad Valasek

Dario Valbuena-pradillo – Porque en España los políticos dicen actuar en nombre de los ciudadanos, pero la realidad es que los políticos actúan principalmente para conservar o aumentar su propia importancia en la sociedad y en los partidos políticos en que militan. Y porque en España los periodistas dicen informar y defender a los ciudadanos pero trabajan sujetos al guión que las empresas periodísticas que les pagan han acordado con los políticos en el poder. Debido a esto, es necesario innovar en de los cauces de intercambio de opinión e información, así como encontrar nuevas formas de participación en el control de los gobiernos. El manifiesto de Euston es una atractiva vía para conseguirlo.

Alfonso Valdes – After losing five friends on 9/11, i was further outraged by the calls for “understanding” (not in the sense of explanation, but in the sense of consent). Multiculturalism has become a movement that demands unquestioning respect of all cultural practices, even those that deserve no respect. As such it has become profoundly illiberal, and I invite all free thinkers to abandon the tired left and embrace the principles of the manifesto.

Vittorio Valenza

Silvia Valiente Martínez

Brian Vallance

Patrica Vallins

Esmee Van Breugel

Craig Van Coevering

Axel Van den Berg

Gert Van der Straaten – This is a movement that makes me proud to be a leftist again. It is about time to take a stand against the anti-democratic forces in the West AND in the Middle East (and the rest of the world).

Kris Van eetvelt

Marcel Van Limbeek – I found the manifesto a great update for modern liberal thinking.

Eric VanArsdall – On many issues, I tend towards the conservative end of the spectrum. Lately, however, I have been voting for more (U.S.) democratic candidates in large part because of the utter incompetence and corruption of the Bush administration and Republican congress. If I read your manifesto correctly, you emphasize good governance along with your absolute support for the advancement of liberal ideals. We are sorely in need of some good governance in the U.S. and I will enthusiastically support candidates and coalitions that espouse the ideals in this manifesto. I hold out the hope that conservatives will learn from examples of good governance in action. Eventually, I would then support some more conservative candidates. I believe we need both both conservative and progressive leaders who fully embrace liberal (in the classical sense) ideals and who are, above all, dedicated to good governance. That is why I signed.

Bing VanGorden – As a proud middle of the road liberal I agree it is time to reclaim what is “progressive” politics and I embrace this manifesto.

Peter Vanloan

Mack Vann – Because I am in complete agreement with the principles and aims of the manifesto.

Vachaspati Varadarajan

Gil-li Vardi

Guy Vardi

Melinda Vargo

Derick Varn

Matthias Zick Varul

Juan Vasquez – I believe in the principles of the manifesto. It is that simple.

Mark Vassallo

Robert Vaughan

Adrianne Vaughan – Doherty

Alfredo Vazquez

Ottar Vedelden

Marcos Vega

Arran Veltom

Angelo Ventura

Gianni Vernetti

Jenny Vesper

Bryan Vezey

Judith Vichniac

Juan Sebastián Vielmas – I signed because we have to fight against totalitarians of all kinds.

Paul Vincent

Yuval Vinkler

Daniele Vitale

Guido Vitiello

Raffaella Vitulano

Heidi Vivian

Panagiotis Vlachos

Sebastian Voigt

Ernst Von Arnim

Thomas Von der Osten-Sacken

Liam Von Thien

Vk Vora

Stavros Vourloumis – I think it’s an excellent act for the creation of a progressive, liberal and democratic movement. Our times need such actions

Filippo Vullo – Since I was young I was for socialism, but i never believed in italian left! Maybe in Euston I found my political home! I’m from Palermo, Sicily, Italy. I’M 29. I’m sorry if my english is no good , I do the best that I can. Sincerely Filippo Vullo

Gloria Vásquez Araya