Euston Manifesto Signatories: X

Linda Xatziyianni – Because it sounds like Utopia.

Yingchen (Joshua) Xiong Xiong – Because never again should mean never again. Because if government is evil, democracy is the least of all evils. Because if we under American hegemony, at least it is a hegemony under which we have pluralism, human rights, civil liberties, and equality before the law – essentially, an empire of enlightened natural law. There is no way I am going to let rogue states threaten those inalienable rights I enjoy, and there certainly is no way I am going to let those dictators, those epitomes of evil, take repress such rights and liberties from all people. Because, fuck the “Clash of Civilizations.” Burn that Huntington text you’re reading. When it comes down to it, the aspiration for a say in how you are governed and for participation in holding your leaders accountable, for a democracy, is universally HUMAN. It is transcendent of cultures and religions, and it is sacrosanct.