Euston Manifesto Signatories: Y

Tom Yamartino – I was beginning to think I was alone in the way I feel (I describe myself as a socially progressive democracy-hawk). Thank you for this.

Steve Yates

George Yazbeck – It encompasses my thoughts and feelings about world policy or lack there of.

Lance Yohe – Because it articulates very well my own personal thoughts on democracy.

Damon Young

James Young

Joseph Young – The Manifesto articulates what I have been saying in private for the last few months: namely that progressive politics needs to stand up for itself and not get wrapped up in “liberal guilt” about its’ failings. The religious right (both Christian and Muslim) characterises our democratic values as a lack of a belief system, and as a society, we have accepted that contention as indisputable fact. The manifesto acts as a rallying cry to those of us who believe that there is still in our society, plenty that is worth fighting for. It is deeply ironic, that when President Bush says “you are either with us or against us”, we on the left have to swallow our pride and say (with much reservation and hesitation) we are with you. When playwright Harold Pinter is applauded and lauded by the left ,in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, for an infantile attack on all things American, it is time for me personally to stand up and be counted. Finally, as a Jew who grew up in the 1970’s with the National Front marching on the streets, I oppose all those who deny Israel the right to exist in the context of a two-state solution.

Lyle Young – This is the Liberalism of my youth. Today, I am a “Neo-con,” not because I changed but because the political spectrum has shifted far to the Left. Many Jack Kennedy Liberals find themselves in this situation. America needs a strong two-party system to maintain her political and social health. When one party is greatly weakened, as the Democrats are, America suffers. And the cause of this weakness comes not from combat with Conservatives, but from their own Left Wing. What the Democrats need is a strong charismatic leader that can forsake the Left and take the party back to its historic position as the party of the people. They must stop catering to the youth vote, the gay vote, the abortion vote, the black/Hispanic/whatever vote, and seek the American vote. If this happens, and the Left Wing walks, the Democrats will not lose membership, they will gain. These gains will be from the Republican Party.

Ali Yusuf

Aysegül Yüksel – i signed this statement because of two reasons: show my sympathy for the political and humanist ideas presented in this manifesto 2.but also out of my wish that in future the US won’t be run by governments like this one right now, which would begin a war on Iraq or any other country. further, i think that among other things both the momentarily disastrous situation in Iraq as the UNAMI need more media attention.