Euston Manifesto Signatories: A

Riadh Abed – I believe that the political left in the West as a whole has abrogated its responsiblity in defending universal human rights and liberty within the developing world. Many organisations on the left, blinded by their own anti-Americanism have become mouthpieces and apologists for tyrants and terrorists. There are notable examples of such immoral behaviour within the British political scene. There is, therefore, a need to redress the balance through the formation of a left leaning political forum that adheres to the priciples of human rights for all and makes a determined stance against moral relativism.

John Abeles – i have read the manifesto and think it timely, true and needed…. as a progressive, libertarian and, yes, compassionate republican i can identify with almost all of it and sympathize and acknowledge all of it…. you have my gratitude and support — how can i help?… john abeles

Norman Abjorensen – There is a great need to inject new life and vitality into politics that have become distorted and corrupted by the neocon diversion from the great stream of Enlightenment thought. Under the pretext of security, democratic norms that we have taken for granted are being wound back and need to be robustly defended.

Eytan Abraham

Mayer Abraham

Asher Abrams – The degradation of Western civilization is not related to the degradation of organized Liberalism; they are, in fact, one and the same. Over the past thirty years, political liberals in Europe and North America have allowed themselves to be lulled into a fantasy world of vapid, feel-good rhetoric, which has morphed into a pernicious cult of dogma and exclusivity. Meanwhile, the most dangerous fascist elements in todays world have taken over the enfeebled institutions that we once trusted to safeguard the liberal ideals we hold dear. In a final irony, it is left to the guardians of tradition – the conservatives – to defend the West and its liberal heritage against totalitarianism and anarchy. The cost of this liberal abdication is immense. Our conservative colleagues will shape the future of the West and, to a large extent, the Middle East, for the coming generation. They will do many things right, but they will get some things wrong – not because they are evil, but because there are things they do not understand. This is why the true liberal voice – the voice of freedom – must be heard. The Euston Manifesto is a bold and important first step.

Lawrence Abramson

Bulent Acar – I signed because I agree wholeheartedly with its values and principles. For me the Manifesto represents a genuine antidote to the nausea of Leftwing nihilism and restores my faith in humanity. It was about time a serious attempt was made to seperate shit from sugar and this is it.

Jose Acosta

Julia Adams

Richard Adams – the euston manifesto best fits my political stand point and i have become sick to death of so called lefties go on about how bad the invasion was, but are quite happy to ignore any abuses of human rights or the complete disregard of anything that could be discribed as a leftist achievement unles it is committed by the USA.

Ruth Adamson – I agree with the manifesto completely.

Matt Addicoat

A.. Jay Adler – The Euston Manifesto is a long-needed and courageously honest expression of principles that does not so much recapture the modern progressive spirit from its nearly original, historical misalignments as actually capture that spirit for the first time. If progressivism is to have a future as more than just one more unbalanced, injudicious, and morally tainted political tendency, this is it.

David Adler – I opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq. I marched against the Republican Convention in New York in 2004. I am a blue-state liberal, and I have reservations about some of the language in the Euston Manifesto. But I have far stronger reservations about joining the “Bush=Hitler” crowd and lending my tacit support to such pro-totalitarian quacks as Ramsey Clark and George Galloway. I identify strongly with Euston’s call for a realignment of the democratic left. Again and again I’ve been asked why I spend time criticizing the antiwar left while the Bush administration is doing so much harm, domestically and internationally. The answer is simple: Because I’m a person of the left and I hold my side to a higher standard. So should we all, or we’re fighting for a lost cause. David R. Adler

Arnaud Aebischer

Matthieu Aikins – This text is a ringing affirmation of the tenets of the Enlightenment. As a student of political philosophy, I have come to realize that those tenets are being undermined by many who claim to embrace them – those who do not understand the theoretical contradictions between many radical, “post-modern” doctrines and the Enlightenment tenets of universal moral truth and justice. Much of this troubling process is obfuscated by the simplistic, but popular, “right-left” dichotomy. My hope is that this manifesto will remind those who consider themselves “left” or “right” to seek a deeper understanding of why exactly they define themselves as such.

Tom Aizenberg – I signed because I wholeheartedly agree with the views espoused by The Euston Manifesto. I was recommended by someone to visit this website, and after reading the manifesto I was immediately impressed with the terms. I find the points made within the manifesto to not only reflect my personal beliefs but they also seem to have a basis in logic and fairness with a lack of filler. I applaud anyone who signs or has signed prior to my signing. Thank you

Akin Ajayi

Tyler Akin

Dan Alamariu

Arni Alandi

Francisco Albino – I came from the left side of our society, both im my country or in the world. But I feel progressively discomfortable trying to explain what “left” is, nowadays. I am for the practice of moral values, for the ethics in politics, economy and management, for good governance, accountability and transparence for public resources, for a strong system of checks ans balances in the society, for the social progress of less favoured, for the democracy, for the human rights, against the corruption of many world leaders of the so called “poor countries”. I do support many actions of USA, where I feel not only an economic interest, but still a sense of moral, of defense with sacrifice for the core values that I also believe. Your manifesto is a very good help. We need to reinforce our field of democracy.

Carlos Albornoz – I was born in Santiago de Chile during Pinochet Dictatorship. I was president of the student board of my university to fight for a better world through organization and understanding. I believe in democracy and dialogue to understand each other. I live in the United States and I believe in American people. I teach innovation and I believe in the power of connectivity to create a better world. I believe in this Manifiesto.

Jason Albrecht – Democratic pluralism, federalism, and secularism cannot be sacrificed in the name of peaceful coexistence with theocratic nihilism of any kind.

Jerry Albrecht – It is a close statement of what I believe

Hamish Alcorn – I have never seen what I have long considered the views of the intelligent middle so well articulated. I’m curious to see whether it can develop into a political force whilst maintaining all of its ideals. If it can, I’m in.

Robert Aldridge

James Alexander – It is important for the left to redefine its goals and beliefs in these changing times, something this document seeks to accomplish. I throw my full support behind it and hope that it will gain further recognition in the US, as well as the rest of the world.

Jeffrey Alexander – How I would like to be described (I couldn’t do this on the space below: Professor of Sociology, Yale University

Suzanne Alizart – Living in “interesting times”, as the Chinese have it, requires thought and reflection be applied to our everyday political and personal decisions. It is not sufficient, in my view, to adopt or follow mutating thought patterns generated out of convenience, speed or peer pressure – even when on the face of it, these positions seem well meaning: I cannot stand by and watch any more teenage girls asking for the freedom to display their subordination to antiquated dress codes in the name of freedom of thought or religion; neither can I listen to any more diatribes against the all encompassing evils of globalisation (evils that include the possible enabling of millions living in poverty to earn a wage if developed sustainably). I want to be involved in debates that stem from genuinely progressive positions, aiming for advances in living conditions for all – and in order to debate how those advances should come about, let us agree that progress includes economic growth, genuine freedom of opinion and thought, and the dispelling of obscurantist myths in favour of well informed argument and intellectual rigour. That is why I am signing this manifesto.

Ted Alkins

Shawn Allaire

Tim Allan

Campbell Allen – There is much in the text that i agree with and a document which presents these facts to the wider community is precisely what is needed in our present time.

John Allen – No matter how you define yourself, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, the ideas in the manifesto shouldn’t make anyone feel threatened. It is a document that intends to bring out the best in people while respecting that there will be differences in how this can be accomplished.

Michael Allen – The prospects for reinventing a decent Left may be slim and this manifesto may defer too readily to PC shibboleths, but its recognition of the pathologies that afflict much of the Left, its resolutely democratic commitment and its appreciation that the toxic ideology of jihadist Islam does indeed represent an existential threat combine to merit endorsement.

Richard Allen

Larry Allison

Federico Alloggio

Greg Allon

Tim Allon – In the last few years I’ve found anti-Americanism and so-called anti-Zionism to have become pretty much acceptable within liberal and left-leaning circles. That, and the apologetics for murderers, totalitarians and fascists led me to wonder if “left-wing” was a badge I could wear any more. I signed the Euston Manifesto primarily out of relief to find that there are others as appalled as I am, at the ease with which the liberal left has been co-opted by the voices of repression.

Paolo Allosio – I’m an italian communist but that doesn’t mean not I agreeing with your ideals. Instead, I think communism should be rebuilt starting from this principles.

Mike Allott

Drew Ames

Dale Amtsberg – The manifesto regains the true liberal common sense principles that have been so critical in human development and political thought. Too many issues have become too polarised, and this manifesto recognises the merits in all arguments while avoiding the extremes and absolutes that permeate through current debate. I particularly love the development as freedom notion – that a more prosperous & poverty-reduced world is a more secure one. It is a great idea to borrow from the title of Amartya Sen’s book for this.

Barrero Ana

Janet Anderson

Paul Anderson – 1. Islamists are tossers. 2. Stalinists are tossers. 3. Most Trots are tossers. 4. So are most Labour leftists. 5. And most anarchists. 6. And every variety of post-modernist.

Rosa Anderson

Ryan Anderton

Raul Andino Pavlovsky

Paul Andrako

Uwe Andresen

David Andress – For a hope that statements of principle will cease to mean nothing.

Penelope Andrews

Robert Andrews – For far too long I have had to argue against the insane notions that the United States was somehow responsible for 9/11, that the Taliban were somehow legitimate rulers of Afghanistan and that the West had to respect the sovereignty of Saddam Hussein’s murdereous and dangerous regime. The final straw is the left’s arguing that the war in Iraq was far too costly to be worth it. I had always thought it was the right who were the penny-pinchers unwilling to spend money on promoting democracy. But in fighting the “fascist” governments of the West then no argument is hypocritical enough and no ally odious enough for the left to line up with.

Suzanne Andrzejewski – These are dangerous times. Democracy also (proper not nominal)is in danger when it is needed the most.

David Angell


Igino Mauro Annarumma – we have two (2) communist parties in Italy! I hope that italian left can change really… From a non italian-left oriented man..

Ralph Anspach

Bad-weather Antifascist group hamburg

Lebat Antoine

Laura Antoniou

Ari Antonovsky – I have always considered myself to be a supporter of human rights and social justice. However, I too have become disillusioned by the fact that social justice applies to every ethnic, political and religious group in the world, with one exception. I wont even bother naming that group, as all of us know to whom I refer. This deliberate and calculated blind spot in the Stalinist Left, combined with unthinking, and in many cases uneducated, support for thug-ocracies that purport to be freedom fighters, has caused a general Right-ward shift in my allegiances. I am very pleased to be able to return to my philosophical roots, which has been aptly stated by the manifesto.

Eroica Antonovsky

Haki Antonsson

Soondra Appavoo – Much of Labour and the Left seem to have sunk into a depressing combination of self hatred, anti-semitism and anti-Americanism. If we in the Left are to regain the intellectual lead we need to remember the value of democracy.

Fernando Aranguren – todos las ylos demogratas en venezuela deberiamos conbertinos en voceros del manifiesto fernando aranguren

Enrico Arbarello

Jason Ardanowski – This is a refreshing liberal antidote to the resignation and shrill antagonism, on one hand, and arrogant entitlement, on the other, that pervades the liberal democratic responses to depraved transnational terrorism and to the thorough globalization and interpenetration of national economies.

Graham Arden

Mario Argiropoulos

Hazel Armstrong – I am opposed to the five “evil giants” of want, squalor, disease, ignorance and unemployment. I therefore support the clear separation of Church, State and judiciary. I believe that freedom to be ‘on the left’ emerged from Enlightenment thinking i.e. coherent rational examination of religious and social ‘givens’. I am alarmed by the present smothering of open debate and enquiry; by the bullying and personally-directed abuse which manifests on specific web blogs against enquirers; by the persistent denigration of democratic political systems, albeit imperfect, but preferable, in whatever form, to the rule of theocracy. I am not a Jew but cannot fail to recognise and abhor the ‘creeping’ anti-semitism which masquerades under the guise of criticism of Israel.

Larry Aronoff

Vincent Artman

Jose Antonio Artusi

Abraham Ascher

Lyell Asher

Daniel Ashton – For the Left, “There is no alternative”.

Rob Ashton

Jane Ashworth

Mark Aston – There is no political movement that fits my point-of-view (anymore). The Euston Manifesto does.

Alan Atchison

Lynda Atherley – I am a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (can’t leave, membership is a requirement of my job with the Burnaby School Board), have been a union shop steward, and a member of the NDP (New Democratic Party – Canada’s leftist party) but since CUPE has allied itself with Palestinian terrorists (in fact the Ontario locals recently issued a boycott of all Israeli products), and former NDP Member of Parliament, Svend Robinson, a homosexual, travelled to the Middle East to show his solidarity with the Palestinian people (apparently forgetting the Muslim custom of burying homosexuals alive), I have become bitterly disillusioned with the left – not only in Canada but throughout the Western world. Have they all gone mad? Can they not see they are supporting fanatical regimes that enslave, abuse and murder women, brainwash children, raise babies to become suicide bombers, and believe that terrorists will go to heaven as holy martyrs where they will get to deflower 75 virgins? These are the regimes they support? What happened to Marx’s “religion is the opiate of the people”, or whatever? Oh, wait. I just remembered. Marx was a Jew.

Genevieve Atkins – A rational path through the political jungle.

Mark Atkins – Because we need progressive, intelligent debate brought back to the political agenda – and this manifesto is an encouraging starting point.

Hilaire Atlee – duh!

Gideon Attar

Judith Attar

Roland Atzmueller

Linus Atípicus – Ideological affinity

Jim Aune – Because I want to be on the Left and not have to apologize for Hezbollah and Palestinian suicide-bombers.

Edward Aveyard

Raanan Avidor

Bernard Avishai

Andrew Avorn

Potkin Azarmehr – I am fed up with so called “progressive” organisations, who in their blind anti-Americanism, end up supporting and being apologists for the most reactionary and oppressive states.

Khaled Azizi

Aura Azocar

Luis Antonio Azócar – Luis Antonio Azócar Bates “Teacher of Mathematics , Universidad Nacional Abierta of Venezuela”. I consider myself a pacifist/socialist who supports all movements that aim at effecting social justice, equality, and peace between the world’s peoples. I don’t agree with everything here, and the principles require some specification of their support. I have signed because i believe that there are certain principles which are essential to have a better world.