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Boston Globe: A Manifesto For Those Who Reject The Extremes

TODAY’S POLITICAL scene is not a friendly place for people who don’t see the world in stark black-and-white categories—people who, for instance, strongly condemn human rights abuses toward detained terror suspects in United States custody, but just as strongly reject the mentality that views the United States as the chief perpetrator of human rights abuses […]

Excelsior: Regenerar a la izquierda: Manifiesto de Euston

[Spanish language article from Mexican national daily newspaper] El fin se ha empezado a oír la voz de gente de la izquierda política -es decir que está en favor de la igualdad, la democracia, y el respeto a los derechos humanos- intentando combatir la enfermedad que aqueja a grandes sectores internacionales de quienes se definen […]

Macleans: Saving the anti-war left from itself

Have you heard the latest out of England? A commitment to the institutions of democracy. No excuses or apologies for tyranny. A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An affirmation that the United States is a great country and nation. These notions may seem common sense, bordering on banal. Yet they have caused quite the […]

The Ottowa Citizen: Will the real left please stand up?

For many decades, and more noticeably in the aftermath of 9/11 and the launching of the “war on terror,” there has been a vacuum on the political spectrum. It has been harder for the so-called democratic or non-communist left, (or American Democrats in the Kennedy, Humphrey and Johnson tradition) to find an intellectual and political […]

John Davis responds to James Purnell

I am a retired civil servant who endured the dogmatic approach of the Thatcher Government to the privatisation of the public services, and who has observed at first hand the consequences of the failing of the Labour Government to understand the reasons for its failure.

Ron Glatter responds to James Purnell

James Purnell caricatures choice sceptics as being traditionalists who are fundamentally opposed to choice in the context of public services. In reality, hardly anyone holds such an extreme position.

Euston Meeting at Labour Party conference

Talk politics with founder signatories of the Euston Manifesto: 27Sep06, Manchester. Join us for a drink and a chat at Beluga, 2 Mount Street, Manchester on Wednesday 27 September from 7:00pm onwards. In the bar will be Nick Cohen, Gisela Stuart, Greg Pope, Lord Soley, Norman Geras, Eve Garrard, Alan Johnson, and Jane Ashworth.

Listen to Paul Berman’s talk

If you were not able to attend the Euston Manifesto Group’s meeting with author Paul Berman, you can now download and listen to his talk thanks to our friends at Little Atoms.

Two views on the current conflict in the Middle East

Euston Manifesto signatories Eric Lee—“The Left should be supporting Israel in this war“—and Shalom Lappin—“Israel’s Strategic Quandaries in Lebanon” debate the current fighting in the Lebanon. Once again events in the Middle East present a test and a challenge to those involved in progressive politics. The predictable response from most of the Left in many […]

Wall Street Journal: Left Turn

At first blush, the Euston Manifesto doesn’t seem explosive. Conceived in a London pub and hashed out online, and signed by left-wing, mostly British academics and journalists, it declares itself for democracy and freedom of ideas, and against racism and terror. OK, great. Torn by the Iraq war and the fight against terrorism, Britain’s left, […]