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Launch Thank-You

The official real-world launch of the Euston Manifesto took place on 25May06 in London and was a huge success. Thank you to all (250) of you who came and generously gave. You made it the event it was, but there wouldn’t have been an event to invite you to if it hadn’t been for the brilliant organisational skills and hard work of the launch team.

Thanks to Jane Ashworth, Kate Waterfield, Dan Johnson, Peter Stapleton, Brian Brivati, Roger McCarthy, Bevan, Philip Spencer, Alexandra Simonon, Andrew Regan, David T, Anthony Cox, Gabbi, Paul Evans, Neil Denny, Richard Sanderson, David Herman, and all those recording the event in various media: Paul Christopher, Tim Sewell, Philip Wolmuth, and David Herman. Special thanks should go to the fine speakers: Norman Geras, Shalom Lappin, Eve Garrard, and Alan Johnson, and to the chair—Nick Cohen.