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Wall Street Journal: Left Turn

At first blush, the Euston Manifesto doesn’t seem explosive. Conceived in a London pub and hashed out online, and signed by left-wing, mostly British academics and journalists, it declares itself for democracy and freedom of ideas, and against racism and terror. OK, great. Torn by the Iraq war and the fight against terrorism, Britain’s left, […]

The Australian: Right of Left bounces back

A new democratic progressive alliance is born, writes Phillip Adams

The Westminster Hour: The Euston Manifesto

This is a link to more text and audio: British history resounds with the titles of great and stirring statements of political belief — from Magna Carta to the Tamworth Manifesto to the People’s Charter to the Euston Manifesto. The Euston Manifesto? Well, the authors of that last document at least hope that it too will be remembered for many […]

Launch Thank-You

The official real-world launch of the Euston Manifesto took place on 25May06 in London and was a huge success. Thank you to all (250) of you who came and generously gave. You made it the event it was, but there wouldn’t have been an event to invite you to if it hadn’t been for the […]

Blueprint Magazine: European Wake-Up

[Blueprint is the magazine of the US Democratic Leadership Council] There are cracks in the façade of European leftism that should give us all some hope. They come in the form of editorialists, academics, activists, and bloggers who’ve pretty much had it with the reflexive anti-globalism, anti-Americanism, and anti-interventionism of the 1968 generation in Europe. Some […]

Sunday Herald: Brian McNair

An old communist confesses: the class war is over and even Rupert Murdoch makes sense … what do lefties do now? EVERYONE remembers where they were the first time they found themselves agreeing with Rupert Murdoch. I was at my desk, circa-1995, reading a speech he had given on the global impact of new technologies. These, […]

Mobile Phone Appeal To Support Iraqi Trade Unions

The TUC has launched an appeal for unions and their members to pass on their used mobile phones to the Iraqi trade union movement. You can help too, by passing on your old phones and/or chargers. Unions representing workers in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan face incredible challenges in defending working people and rebuilding democracy. One of […]

The Guardian: They should come out as imperialist and proud of it

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: There is a progressive tradition of support for colonialism, which the Euston Manifesto Group could champion Whatever else the Iraq enterprise and the supposed attempt to democratise the Middle East have done, they have produced some unlikely alliances, and begun some fascinating new disputes. The question of imperialism has been raised again, though in a […]

The Guardian: Big idea

James Harkin: A fortnight after it charged forth from behind the fetid turrets of the blogosphere into real life, arguments about the Euston Manifesto still ricochet around the worldwide web. Named after the London road where the plotters met in a pub (O’Neill’s), the manifesto is a political movement born out of frustration among sections of […]

The Times: Euston, you don’t have lift-off

…You might think, therefore, that I would greet with enthusiasm the publication earlier this month of something called the Euston Manifesto. The what? In the weeks after the general election, a group of liberal commentators, led by the politics professor and blogger Norman Geras and the impressive columnist Nick Cohen began meeting in a pub to […]