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Shalom Lappin Responds yet again to Tristan Stubbs

Social Democracy and Neo-Liberalism I am grateful to Tristan Stubbs for his interesting comments. He raises a number of important issues that bear further discussion.

Andy Pearmain responds to Adrian McMenamin

New Labour is the last gasp not the renewal of Labourism. It has achieved nothing more than some technical fixes—the kind of thing any modern state (including one led by post-Thatcher Tories) would have done. Those who wish to transform society need a new vehicle, argues Andy Pearmain.

Tristan Stubbs responds again to Shalom Lappin

1. I charged Shalom Lappin with holding to a materialist explanation of Islamism for two reasons. Firstly, because the sentence in his article that mentions the "wrenching social and economic dislocations" brought about by globalisation comes just before his discussion of Islamism, I took this juxtaposition to be instructive. Secondly, Lappin put the rise of […]

Tackling Social Exclusion By Extending Opportunity

In the 21st Century, opportunity is not just about income, but about power argues Pat McFadden, Parliamentary Secretary in the Cabinet Office, on the day the Government publishes “Reaching Out: An Action Plan on Social Exclusion”. He argues that far from being a sinister “big brother” policy, early intervention in the form of targeted child […]

Generation 9/11

Generation 9/11 wants to marry national security with progressive, internationalist values, argue US Democrats Rachel Kleinfeld and Matthew Spence. What are the lessons for European social democrats?

Free Politics won’t necessarily follow free markets in China

How the West handles the emerging Chinese superpower will define foreign relations in the 21st century, argues Greg Pope MP

Shalom Lappin responds to Tristan Stubbs

Stubbs claims that I have mistakenly identified Third Way politics with the neo-liberalism of the Thatcher era. Instead, he suggests, it aims to achieve prosperity by promoting entrepreneurial energy and freeing business from regulation in order to generate investment. This view is, from what I can see, indistinguishable from a vintage neo-liberal approach… Setting aside […]

Adrian McMenamin responds to Andy Pearmain

The way to pick up the Gramscian thread is not to wind up the Labour party but rebuild it’s political coalition, argues Adrian McMenamin in response to Andy Pearmain’s "Labour Must Die!"

Tristan Stubbs responds to Shalom Lappin

Shalom Lappin’s ex ante dismissal of the Third Way risks alienating many potential Eustonians, argues Tristan Stubbs

New Labour, the politics of poverty and the spirit of optimism

We lost four elections and then won three. A return to ‘classic Labour’ is not the road to renewal. The eradication of child poverty, re-starting social mobility, and redistributing power in the public realm and our public services are the great causes of the second decade, argues Jim Murphy MP, Minister of State for Employment […]