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The sixteen Euston Platforms are responses by signatories of the Euston Manifesto to comment generated by the document.

They are collected on these archive pages in reverse chronological order.

Platform Seven

Norman Geras explains why one short passage in the manifesto will be reworded.

Platform Six

Shalom Lappin deals with serious misunderstandings of the nature of the document.

Platform Five

Alan Johnson addresses recent commentary on the manifesto in the serious press.

Platform Four

Norman Geras answers a socialist critique from members of the blogging collective Socialism In An Age Of Waiting.

Platform Three

Brian Brivati addresses Martin Kettle’s centre-Left critique by clarifying the intention of the manifesto.

Platform Two

Norman Geras answers two criticisms by modern historian Marc Mulholland.

Platform One

Norman Geras deals with some of the more basic attacks.